Gently Waves gently lapping Gulls gently soaring Breeze gently blowing Music gently playing Clouds gently drifting Thoughts gently occurring Ideas gently unfolding Words gently speaking Friends gently caring Children gently playing Me gently resting All things being As they aught,

September 2nd 2022

My Birthday Hike In The Rouge In the one photo of me, I look fat. Maybe I am.


I was able to recover these files from a badly damaged disk. They appear to be a collection I was preparing for the Scotdance 2004 Gala

My Collection

This is my collection of 1/18th models by Maisto A modest collection, but they’re big and take up a lot of room. My 1/43rd collection is much larger. Here is my collection of 1/43 diecast models. This is my collection of Lesney Matchbox models. Then there is an assortment of odd-ball scales. For a while…


Click on any of the 3 images below These are my babies There were others, but they don’t count. My 1/18th scale babies

Thunder Road

There are three movies that I count among my very favorites: Man’s Favorite Sport, The Great Race, and Thunder Road. Thunder Road holds a special place in my heart because it introduced me to three of the most iconic automobiles ever created: the 1940, 1949 and 1957 Fords. The designers got it right when they…

A Few Words On My Own Behalf

A Piperguy48 Production Legacy I carry no writing credentials. I studied English at university many, many years ago but never completed a degree. I have an abiding respect for the power of words and an enduring love for the way in which the English language conveys concepts, conditions and emotions. Of the senses, art is…