Mules and Me

Mules & Me

A General Statement Of Principles

I refuse. I refuse many things, some are even supposed to be good for me. But I still refuse. I refuse to do things and engage in activities that dull my wit and stifle my curiosity. I refuse to be prodded, pushed or cajoled. If something intrigues me, catches my interest, I will pursue it, often to a degree that appears insane to others. After all, I’ve nothing better to do with my time, do I? I refuse to conform. I often refuse to obey. I refuse to change my mind even when there appears to be a mountain of evidence to the contrary. This may be due to my principles, my beliefs, or my mule-ish nature. I may hear the beat of a different drum, but I march in step to my own. So please acknowledge that fact and accept it. This old dog is not about to learn new tricks.

But understand this:

I’m a man, but I can change,

if I have to,

I guess.

(The Possum Lodge Prayer)

Not bloody likely.

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