No Itch Unscratched

No Itch Unscratched

As you may have guessed, I really want to explore this.  I believe in “leave no itch unscratched”.  Two years ago I spent 5 weeks at MSH following a catastrophic fall, so you can write this off to out-patient Chaplaincy, it being income tax season and all.


Some years ago, a fellow that I worked for who was really into metrics said that if you can’t measure something it doesn’t exist.  He, therefore, gave me the task of measuring Everything.  Eventually, it broke me.  I retired early in disgrace.

In that vain …..

So, if Redemption (purpose) is the goal and Salvation (hope) is the means, what is the process that transforms the raw materials into the finished product?  Please don’t answer “God’s divine grace”.  Or is that the only answer?  Where is the innate human element, the inherent resource?  If Redemption is purpose and Salvation is hope, Is that why we keep buying lottery tickets?  Even to me, that sounds facetious, but that’s what it looks like. Putting one foot before the other is walking into the convenience store, week after week, to ante up a few coins to place on hope.  If you don’t play, you cannot win – a foxhole conversion.  We’re at BRIDGE because we have run out of coins and we’re looking for a loan or maybe some other currency.  I’m not the ideal candidate to be speaking under a revival tent.  Sorry, I’m being confrontational.  Too many mixed metaphors.

I’m getting carried away.


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