Father’s Day


Fathers Day


Father’s Day doesn’t occur on some particular Sunday in June. 

It occurs in little moments scattered throughout the year. 

Lauren overcomes her nervous fears about performing and goes on to victory without being ill – that’s a Father’s Day.  She confides a secret to me or shares a confidence because she trusts me – that’s a Father’s Day.  She’s still not embarrassed to hold my hand or give me a hug in public – that’s a Father’s Day.  Arran comes to me with her troubles and her fears in the hope that I can help make it all better – that’s a Father’s Day. 

She makes it through a gymnastics competition without falling off during her beam routine – that’s a Father’s Day.  Or she gets an A in a school project that I was able to help her with – that’s a Father’s Day.  Jennifer calls up just to say “Hello” – that’s a Father’s Day. 

We work together in the kitchen to get dinner ready and never have to say a word because we know what the other is thinking – that’s a Father’s Day.  She still makes me hand-made cards for special occasions and signs them “Love, Jennifer” – that’s a Father’s Day.


All these Father’s Days sneak up on me unexpectedly and give me little surprises.

And those are the best Father’s Days of all.



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