When do I feel that a “piece” is complete?

When I am satisfied that I have achieved

What I intended.

An idea has been shaped, moulded,

Developed to the point where it feels “right”.

I am convinced that it will successfully transmit

To a receptive receiver and emerge

As I intended, whole and complete.

This business of honing and refining

All that falls between “Once upon a time”

And “The end” is a sort of alchemy,

Stirring the pot with a pinch of this

Or a dash of that and with the right incantation

Out comes a complete “piece”.

So often I’ll go back to revisit an older “piece”

That, upon re-reading, feels incomplete

Either through new insight,

A re-examination of the notions that lead me to it,

Or the simple passage of time

That has left the original work in the dust.

Most people who embark on an endeavour

Feel a need to create something.

So I start with a desired effect.

Happiness, melancholy, loneliness, love.

I create an effect

In order to bring about an affect.


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