I’m No Mathew.

I’m No Mathew

How can I tell you? – eyes to see and ears to hear.

Mathew hit the nail on the head.

I have a vision and a mission, not in any biblical sense; something a little more down to earth. It occurred to me (re-occurred actually) while lying on a hospital bed, more needle holes in my arm than a junkie and more time on my hands than was wise. While the vision may be spiritual and the mission temporal, it is more akin to an outlook and a perception of how I want the world to be and the means to achieve it. Hubris? Maybe. This is not something new to me. This delusion that I had something of value to say, something beneficial to convey, has been around for a goodly number of years. It first manifested itself in the realization that “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” just might work. Mathew had a vision.

It starts with the “Do unto others” part. That means me. I’ve vacillated between optimism and cynicism most of my life. I didn’t seem to have the means to maintain the upbeat part of the equation and believe me I tried a lot of means. Suddenly all of my dreams would shatter and square one was just around the corner. When left to my own devices, I would usually regain that happy place where the world was a little brighter and the “As you would have them do unto you” seemed a bit more attainable. Do as I do, don’t do unto me as you think you know what I mean when I do it to you (?). Convoluted logic, but the best I can do. My smile = your smile. My frown = your frown. Simple.

I was chatting with an acquaintance when the phrase “Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance” came up. Don’t recall why or how. Here’s something I hadn’t given much consideration. If I could locate my inner chakra where peace and harmony existed, I could go there at the first sign of danger. The image of the Buddha, seated on a lotus leaf, legs crossed, thumb and fingertips touching, came to mind and I asked “What has he got that I haven’t got?” Maybe I could do this too. I would try to locate that inner place where peace and harmony existed. By golly, it seemed to work. It was there.

Well, that was my vision. Now as to my mission: The first principle is to do no harm – to the best of my ability and understanding. Then my first practical step was a determination to ensure that everyone who left my hospital room departed in a happier state than when they entered. Then sit back and see what happened. It certainly made me feel better and any of those who left came back with a smile on their face. Mission not quite accomplished. I needed to carry this forward and look for new applications.

Now the trick is to remember where that inner place is and how to get there. Draw myself a roadmap. Learn to read the road signs and adjust speed accordingly. That can only come with practice, practice and more practice. There will always be those who cannot see and cannot hear. Ultimately my mission is to perfect my technique until they do.


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